Cryptics Cricket Club News story


25 Nov 2020

It's not all doom and gloom!  I am delighted to bring a bit of seasonal cheer with the opening of the Cryptics Online Shop.  It is live now and you can reach it HERE.

We have worked hard to get it up and running so you can take advantage of the BLACK FRIDAY discounts.  The fantastic new shirts are, I am delighted to say, the same price as the old ones but you can get them for 20% less on Friday 27th November (one day only offer).  In addition to the playing shirts you can find a whole range of other Cryptics "stash", some of which might appeal to non-playing members too. You may find yourself an ideal Christmas present!  Who doesn't need a Cryptics mug?

That's not all: the Black Friday discount applies to all items of playing kit too.  So what better way to cheer up a winter's day than by buying yourself a new bat or pads or bowling boots? 

Normally orders are fulfilled in 5-7 days.  As we have only just set up the shop, they will probably take a few days more than this...but be patient.  I have been assured that all Black Friday orders will be delivered by Christmas.

Please follow the link above (or visit and enter Cryptics in the search team stores) and get started.  Once you have added clothing/equipment to your basket, check out using the promo code SCBF20 which will automatically apply the discount.

We are sticking to the traditional style of Cryptics caps and woollen sweaters from our existing suppliers; details on the website.

On other Cryptics matters: we will keep you posted with news of the Valencia Tour and the 2021 Dinner as and when we have them.