Cryptics Cricket Club - 2016 Season




Of the 34 fixtures on the Cryptics card 25 games were completed.

3 matches were started but were not completed due to the weather and a further 3 were cancelled due to rain without a ball being bowled. 3 matched were cancelled for other reasons.

Of the 25 games completed 8 were won, 3 were drawn and 14 were lost. 

The Statistics

The full season summary is attached at Appendix 1.

Attached at Appendix 2 are the notable individual performances both for and against the club.

A special mention should perhaps go to Ben Tibble for scoring an unbeaten century and taking a 6 wicket haul (not in the same match). 

The Tours

A successful start to the season with a 2 match tour to Menorca with the Cryptics recording a win and a defeat.

The Southern Tour was a victim of the weather with two of the three games being washed out by the rain. The Cryptics suffered a heavy defeat against Old Hurstjohnians in the only completed game of the tour.

See Appendix 3 for Andrew Lewis’ report of West Midlands Tour.

The Northern Tour also lost two games to the weather. The highlight was a nail biting one wicket win over the Yorkshire Gents.

Some Highlights


An excellent wind over Cambridge Crusaders after last year’s debacle.


Another very close two day game against the Hogs with all 4 results possible going in to the  last over.


Cryptics successfully defending 67 runs in an eight run win over Sandhurst Wanderers.


Cryptics pile on the runs on the West Midlands tour.


Five Cryptics record 5 wicket hauls. 



Some Observations/Topics for Discussion


Fewer games cancelled this year (3) for non-weather reasons although some match managers did struggle to raise sides.


The win/loss ratio (8/14) was a little disappointing. Seven centuries were scored against the

Cryptics compared with three scored for the Cryptics.   

Appendix 1

Season Summary 2016

Played: 25      Won: 8            Drawn: 3       Lost: 14

Abandoned 3

Cancelled  6 (Rain 3, Other  3)


Pre-Season Tour to Menorca


v Menorca                              Won by 5 wickets


            Menorca                      119-6 (30 overs)

            Cryptics                       120-5


v Menorca                              Lost by 6 wickets


            Cryptics                       158-5 (40 overs)

            Menorca                      162-4

v St Edwards School        Lost by 72 runs


            St Edwards School     164 all out

            Cryptics                       92 All out


2. v Cambridge Crusaders   Won by 5 wickets


            Crusaders                   160 All out

            Cryptics                       161-5


3. v Royal Household           Won by 90 runs


            Cryptics                       181-8

            Household                   91 All out


4. v Stragglers of Asia          Lost by 39 runs


            Stragglers                    287-6

Cryptics                       248 All out


5. v Sandhurst Wanderers   Won by 8 runs


            Cryptics                       67 All out

            Sandhurst                    59 All out



6. v Oxford Authentics         Lost by 5 wickets


                                                Cryptics 165 all out

                                                Authentics 166-5



7. v Hurlingham                     Won by 2 wickets


            Hurlingham                 168 All out

            Cryptics                       173-8



8. v Oxford Downs                Lost by 8 wickets


            Cryptics                       146-9

            Downs                         147-2              


9. v Middleton Stoney          Cancelled


10.v Amersham                     Lost by 75 runs


Amersham                  236-9

Cryptics                       161 All out


11. v Frogs                             Cancelled Rain


12.v Cheshire Gents             Abandoned Rain


            Cheshire Gents           232-7

Cryptics                       5-0


13. v MCC                              Lost by 120 runs


            MCC                           277-5              

            Cryptics                       157 All out


14. v St Edward's Martyrs   Cancelled



15. v Earl of Carnarvon’s XI Drawn  


            Cryptics                       251-7

            EoC XI                        234-8


16. v Barnes                           Won by 36 runs


            Cryptics                       245-8

            Barnes                         209 All out





17. v Old Amplefordians      Abandoned Rain


            OAs                             290-6

            Cryptics                       179-4


18. v Sussex Martlets           Cancelled Rain


19. v Old Hurstjohnians       Lost by 153 runs


            OHJs                           215-8

            Cryptics                       62 All out




20. v Eton Ramblers              Lost by 3 wickets


            Cryptics                       151 All out

            Ramblers                    152-7


21. v Hampshire Hogs          Lost by 7 runs


            Hogs                            271-8 and 180 All out

Cryptics                       263-4 and 181 All out 

22. v Ditchling                       Drawn


            Cryptics                       264-6

            Ditchling                      224-8





23. v Yorkshire Gents           Won by 1 wicket


Yorkshire Gents          145 All out

Cryptics                       146-9  


24. v Settle                             Lost by 30 runs


Settle                           182-7

            Cryptics                       152 all out


25. v Durham Pilgrims          Abandoned Rain


            Durham Pilgrims         125-4 and 162 All out

            Cryptics                       110-7 and 52-1           


26.v Cherry Tree CC             Cancelled Rain





27. Free Foresters                 Cancelled





28. v Warwickshire Imps      Drawn


            Cryptics                       217-6

            Imps                            176-8



29. v Old Malvernians           Won by 125 runs


            Cryptics                       248-7

            OM’s                           123 All out


30. v Worcestershire Gents  Lost by 2 wickets


            Cryptics                       240-5

            Gents                          243-8


31. v Gloucester Gipsies      Lost by 4 wickets


            Cryptics                       223-6

            Gypsies                       224-6




32. v Hampstead                   Lost by 53 runs


            Hampstead                 231-5 (35 overs)

            Cryptics                       178 All out

Appendix 2

Notable Performances


  1. Centuries made for Cryptics


    Ben Tibble                   116* v Ditchling

    Tom Chappell             107* v Worcester Gents

    G Parsons                   102 v Hogs


  2. Half Centuries made for Cryptics


    Ollie Clayson               98 v Crusaders

    Mike Stafford              89 v Worcester Gents

    J Siebert                      86 v Gypsies

    T Fogden                     80 v Earl of Carnarvon’s XI

    Drake-Brockman        70 v Authentics

    Stuart Turner               69 v Ditchling

    Tom Smith                  69 v Barnes

    Mike Stafford              69 v Imps

    Johnny Coburn           63 v Hurlingham

    Rob Walker                 61 v Gypsies

    T Wright                      60* v Hogs

    J Pym                         59 v Eton Ramblers

    Warren Miller              58 v Royal Household

    Ben Hardy                   57 v Menorca

    Joe Ireland                  56* v Barnes

    Ed Montague              55 v Amersham

    Tom Chappell             55 v Imps

    Ockert Erasmus         52* v Yorkshire Gents

    James Westhead        51 v Yorkshire Gents

    Barney Bamford         51 v Malvernians

    Richard Howitt            50* v St Edwards School


  3. Five Wicket Hauls for Cryptics


    Robert Champion       v Malvernians 6-37

    Ben Tibble                   v Amersham 6-59

    Joe Ireland                  v Barnes 5-19

    L McConnell                v Cambridge Crusaders 5-26

    M Smith                      v Hogs 5-66


  4. Centuries made against Cryptics


    J Ganderton                136* for Worcester Gents

    B Holland                    126* for Earl of Carnarvon

    S Phillips                     120 for OAs

    B Fitzherbert               116 for OAs

    T Bancroft                   107* for MCC

    C Tilbury                     105* for Amersham

    G Reid                         104* for MCC


  5. Five Wicket Hauls against Cryptics


J Anderson                  5-27 for Yorkshire Gents                                                                   

F Fox                           5-44 for Eton Ramblers

Appendix 3

                                                   West Midlands Tour Report           




After a late start, the Cryptics won the toss and as is customary, elected to bat. We made steady progress to 217-6 before declaring at around half time and at a total which appeared fair. We were indebted to Tom Chappell (55) and to the older statesmen of the side, Mike Stafford, who put everyone to shame with 69 not out. A further useful contribution of 31 came from young all-rounder Jason Richards.

In reply, the Cryptics bowling was opened by a fragile looking Chris Fox and William Buckland who was being wrapped in cotton wool for a heavy workload later in the week. The bulk of the bowling fell therefore to Stafford and Richards. Mike bowled superbly (18-3-30-4) and Jason too with 1-33.

In the end, after having the Imps reeling at 71-6 the game rather petered out as they finished on 176-8.


8 changes to the side for the second game with only Lewis, Buckland and Richards remaining. Again we won the toss and chose to bat and rattled up 248-7 at around half time. The runs were shared somewhat but the pick was recently elected member Barney Bamford who made 51 including 9 fours.

We won easily on this occasion, bowling out the OM’s for 123. Special mention though to Robert Champion who made a welcome return to the Club taking 6-37. I think these were the first 6 wickets to fall and miraculously, he decided to call it a day voluntarily after 10 overs, saying that he could not manage any more! Roddy Williams, the opening bowler from RGS Worcester mopped up the tail taking 3-8 and it might have been over even quicker had he bowled earlier. William made further steady progress although by now, he was in full swing as far as conversation goes.

Worcs Gents

This game was played at the beautiful ground of Eastnor CC who once again, were great hosts. The Cryptics once again won the toss and made the usual carefully thought out decision to bat. We welcomed back Fox, Chappell and Stafford and then sit back in the sunshine to admire the latter two putting on 113 for the 5th wicket. Stafford went on to score a classy 89 and Chappell (as far as I know) a chanceless 107 no. We declared at 240-5 which “dangled the carrot” and captain Lewis ventured into the dark somewhat as regards to his unknown quantity of a bowling attack.

Fox again shaped to open the bowling before advising that he thought he had pulled a hamstring. Buckland replaced him and bowled 16 excellent overs unchanged for 3-53. The one that he failed to dislodge however was the Gents’ opener Ganderton who carried his bat to score 136 no. We still looked comfortable at 113-5 however with 4 of their top 6 making 0, 0, 5, and 8 respectively. The unknown quantities leaked runs though and the Gents ran out worthy winners reaching their target for the loss of 8 wickets.

Glos Gipsies

Another very different looking Cryptics side assembled at Stowell Park with the look of a Pinewood School staff team thanks to the hard work of Mark Smith. A full house of winning tosses saw the Cryptics again choosing to bat which definitely was not tactical. However, an excellent 61 from Rob Walker and 86 from the Pinewood Director of Sport enabled us to declare at 223-6. They were ably assisted by a quick fire 26 no from Mark Smith including 2 all run three’s.

Buckand bowled unchanged again, this time for 13 overs, and had the ball on the proverbial “end of a piece of string”. He returned 3-36 including decimating their top order. However, a host of dropped catches and a good knock of 77 no from their captain saw the Gipsies home in a close game.






  Opponents At Match Manager
1-5th April Menorca CC Menorca CC (Sat) Alex Hutchinson Won by 5 Wickets  
      Menorca CC (Sun)  Lost by 6 wickets  
Sat 9th April AGM and Dinner OUOTC, Oxford Ed Montague
Sat 9th April St Edward's School Oxford St Edward's School Francois Vainker Lost by 72 runs  
Sun 24th April Cambridge University Crusaders Cambridge President  Won by 5 wickets
Sun 1st May Royal Household CC (2.00pm) Windsor Ed Montague  Won by 90 runs  
Sun 8th May Stragglers of Asia Ascott Park Chris Fox Lost by 39 runs 07500 895521
Sun 15th May Sandhurst Wanderers (12.30pm) RMA Sandhurst Nick Priestnall Won by 8 runs 07850 484488
Sun 29th May Hurlingham (11.00am) Hurlingham Patrick Nolan 07714 324586
Sun 29th May Oxford University Authentics  Marston President mark   07957 482059
Sun 5th June Oxford Downs (2.00pm) Standlake Stuart Turner 07890 980286
Sun 12th June Middleton Stoney (2.30pm) Middleton Stoney Chris Ward 07792 070343
Sun 19th June Amersham Amersham Stuart Turner 07890 980286
Sun 26th June Frogs St.Edward's School Oxford Ed Montague 07887 775358
Tues 28th June Gentlemen of Cheshire Esckrick Park Nick Westhead 07896 051183
Mon 11th July MCC Bradfield College President  07957 482059
Fri 15th July St Edward's Martyrs St Edward's School Paul Armstrong 07775 221790
Sun 17th July Earl of Carnarvon's XI Highclere Castle Alex Hutchinson 07788 717860
Sun 31st July Barnes CC Barnes Tom Chappell  07926 361169
Sun 7th Aug Eton Ramblers Eton Ed Montague   07887 775358
 Wed 10th Aug Ditchling CC Ditchling CC Alex Hutchinson 07788 717860
  Southern Tour    
Mon 1st Aug Old Amplefordians Ardingly  Joe Ireland  
Tue 2nd Aug Sussex Martlets Ardingly 07932 431113
Wed 3rd Aug Old Hurstjohnians Hurstpierpoint
 Mon/Tues  8/9th Aug  Hampshire Hogs  Warnford  Simon Halliday  07920 597515
  Northern Tour
Sun 7th Aug Yorkshire Gents (12.00pm) Escrick Park Nick Westhead
Mon 8th Aug Settle (1.30pm) Marshfield Settle
Tue 9th Aug Durham Pilgrims (12.00pm) Castle Eden 07896 051183
Wed 10th Aug Durham Pilgrims Castle Eden
Thurs 11th Aug Cherry Tree CC Blackburn
West Midlands Tour
Mon 22nd Aug Warkwickshire Imps Malvern College Andrew Lewis
Tue 23rd Aug Old Malvernians Malvern College
Wed 24th Aug Worcester Gents Malvern College 07584 313945
Thu 25th Aug Gloucester Gipsies Stowell Park
Sun 28th Aug Hampstead (1.00pm) Hampstead Nick Priestnall 07850 484488
Sun  4th Sept HAC - CANCELLED        
Sun 4th Sept Sandy Ross Memorial 20/20 St James CC Patrick Nolan 07714 324586

07775 221790