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Cryptics Cricket - action needed!

09 Apr 2023

Dear ##firstname##

The cricket season is upon us and it is one month today to the first Cryptics match. 

The Club officers have been busy all winter amongst other things managing subscriptions and getting fixtures ready.  Now it is down to you as a player to make it a great season. 

Do not wait to be asked; please apply directly to the Match Manager (MM) for matches in which you are interested.  You can do this by email or phone.  You can do this on fixture list on the Club website here.  You can also do it via the Hitssports app.  Please go to your app provider and download it.  It works well and you can apply for matches and MMs can notify of team and match details; please use it. 

You will need to log in to the website and app.  Your log in details for both are the same; in case you have forgotten them, here they are:

Username:         ##login##                                                         Password:##password##

To help you and the Managers of the early matches here are their details; all matches are on Sundays.  Again, please don't wait for them to ask you; contact them directly.





Match Manager

MM email

MM phone

07 May 2023


Wanderers CC

Walton on Thames CC

Ed Montague

07887 775358

14 May 2022


Oxford University Authentics


Mike Nolan

07768 724486

21 May 2023


Stragglers of Asia

Pangbourne College

Nick Ashton

07871 538325

28 May 2023




Mike Nolan

07768 724486

04 June 2023



Culham Court

Paul Armstrong

07305 433665

When you play for the Cryptics you do of course want to look the part so visit our shop at Serious Cricket here.  If you want new equipment, they have a 10% discount until 10th April using the code EASTER10.  If you want a cap, then please contact Chris Ward.

Finally, please save the date for the Club Dinner: Saturday 30th September.

Thank you for playing for the Cryptics.  I look forward to seeing you during the season.

Kind regards

Nick Priestnall

President, Cryptics CC

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