Cryptics Cricket Club News story


19 Jul 2020

It was not possible to run the Northern Tour and one match on the Southern Tour is cancelled but almost all the remaining fixtures have been confirmed.  These will be played using the ECB guidelines.  Match managers have already been busy; if you wish to play please contact them ASAP.  MM’s for the highlighted matches would especially like to hear from you. 

Old Amplefordians (3 Aug): Match Manager Nick Priestnall.

Martlets (4 Aug).  Match Manager Nick Priestnall.

Hampshire Hogs (12 Aug):  Match Manager Paul Armstrong (

Gloucester Gipsies (19 Aug):   Match Manager Rob Walker   (

Hampstead (23 Aug): Match Manager Nick Priestnall.  ( )

HAC (29 Aug):  Match Manager Sam Sargant ( )

Oxford Downs (6 Sep): Match Manager Chris Ward ( )

Annual Dinner.  Saturday 10th October. OUOTC..  This is still on, at the moment.  Please let me know if you wish to attend (if you are not booked already).